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Welcome, Friends! 

We are Chef's management team.

As a forward, we would like to mention that throughout Chef's career serving high-profile clientèle, the intensely private Chef has always chosen to avoid the limelight, for reasons later reveled in a yet-to-be published memoir.  So, naturally, the media buzz Chef began to generate on social media in 2019 went against his own life long philosophy of working quietly in the shadows. Although we initially advised the Chef to steer clear of social media, because he always so valued his privacy, the overwhelming response led to the assemblage of this website in order to manage media requests and help Chef introduce his unique brand of food, hospitality and philosophy to the public. That's because the Chef has turned a new direction, and is passionate about opening the books to you and spilling the carne about his life,  philosophy, war stories & of course some culinary wizardry. And for that avenue these days, Chef instinctively knew that utilizing social media was the only way to go - so we followed his lead. Since then, Chef has gained hundreds of thousands of new fans thru social media, with his fan base still growing stronger every day. 2019 saw Chef dip his toes back into the music biz (yes, he's also a musician) and produce a music video for country music star Gethen Jenkins (see below video clip for "Restless Ways", video produced by Chef). And he was also honored with invites to many inaugural dinners, including the Daniel Marshall inaugural campfire at the world famous Beverly Hilton hotel, in 2019.,

2020  promises to be a banner year, with the formation of a chef-led company, a cookbook, and a planned expansion through major media channels. And that's because Chef is his own unique brand of blended-life experience, honky-tonk  appearances with his occasional band (John E. Trouble and the Wild Rhythm Rangers), food-entertainment, recorded honky-tonk music, true-life kitchen stories, seasonings,, adventures, and of course, freshly prepared recipes to share with you in 2020. And whilst we sort thru the various media requests on behalf of the Chef, please take a moment to join and read his own story about why he's decided to step forward, for the good fight.  Once upon a time...


"Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef."

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