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Thank you ❤️ to all the wonderful fine #
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Welcome, Friends! 

We are Chef's management team.

As a forward, we would like to mention that throughout Chef's career serving high-profile clientèle, the intensely private Chef has always chosen to avoid the limelight, for reasons later reveled in a yet-to-be published memoir.  So, naturally, the media buzz  the Cowboy Hat wearin' Chef began to generate on social media in 2019 went against his own life long philosophy of working quietly in the shadows. Although we initially advised the Chef to steer clear of social media, because he always so valued his privacy, the overwhelming response led to the assemblage of this website in order to manage media requests and help Chef introduce his unique brand of food, hospitality and philosophy to the public. That's because the Chef has turned a new direction, and is passionate about opening the books to you and spilling the carne about his life,  philosophy, war stories & of course some culinary wizardry. And for that avenue these days, Chef instinctively knew that utilizing social media was the only way to go - so we followed his lead. Since then, Chef has gained hundreds of thousands of new fans thru social media, with his fan base still growing stronger every day. 2019 saw Chef dip his toes back into the music biz (yes, he's also a musician). And 2019 saw Chef also produce a music video for country music star Gethen Jenkins (see below video clip for "Restless Ways", video produced by Chef). And he was also honored with invites to many inaugural dinners, including the Daniel Marshall inaugural campfire at the world famous Beverly Hilton hotel, in 2019.


In late 2019,   he formed a private,chef-led company, plans for a cookbook, and an expansion through major media channels.


And then, 2020.

Well, 2020 may have certainly started out backwards, but Chef is always moving forward. And nowadays, he's dedicated to helping people rediscover their own true grit for home-cookin'.

Which led to a major change in direction. Quarantined at home with the rest of New York, Chef started producing his own Home-cookin' videos, featuring weekly tutorials on his Instagram and Youtube pages. And with all the food-trouble nowadays, with restaurants closing, jobs lost and regional food shortages, on the rise, Chef is working hard to become part of the solution. So the Chef set about to feeely help folks learn old school skills in new set ways, leaning how to make tasty home-cooked-meals with simple, easy to find ingredients, that wont break your billfold

Home Cookin' is back, and the Chef is here to teach you!

Presenting his unique recipes thru his own brand of blended-life experience, humor, food-entertainment, true-life kitchen stories, home schooled seasonings, adventures, you'll find yourself having a blast of a time, along with a good meal, while Chef cooks.

Whilst we sort thru  media requests on behalf of the Chef, please take a moment to join and read his own story about why he's decided to step forward, for the good food-fight.  Once upon a time...


Good Mornin’, Sunshine! Howdy, it’s Mond
Howdy I work fire on steak liker Van Gog
Howdy, iter der end of der workweek. An
Friends, I were able to sing for my supp
Old school, hand-sawn Porterhouse. So te
Howdy, winter’s here an I’m a travelin i
Butter howdy, summerone say, whatser one
Howdy, cold weath’r means desserts! N’ t
On a Mountain-top - a photo with perspec
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The Good


The Passionate

A good Chef will never give you their recipes, - they are the Chefs Lager und Handel. Without them, the good chef is fini.

A passionate Chef will gladly share with you their recipes. Because passion is a key ingredient  - & is the stock of that Chefs trade.

Howdy, it’s Friday! So whatcha all doin’
Apple pickin’ time! Anyone got a fav’rit
Good Mornin’, Sunshine! Howdy, it’s Mond
Nacho Libre! So many more of yer heard t
Howdy, I hope Friday maker paster mean o

"Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef."

June S.


satisfied clients, another great dinner!

U guys




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You've Been Eating

We are the sole agents for Chef's private bookings. If you have a booking request, a general question, a request for a charitable-event, please email us using the completed contact form directly below and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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  When you have a client that’r wants th

A Service Unique

If you have a question or a request, please complete and submit the form below. We will respond as promptly as possible.
If you have a Ybe card or a challenge coin from Chef, please reference the unique character combination on the back of the item to begin the process.

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Howdy, it’s Friday! So whatcha all doin’
Good Mornin’, Sunshine! Howdy, it’s Mond
Howdy, got some real fine new kitchen “c
Howdy, iter der end of der workweek
Apple pickin’ time! Anyone got a fav’rit
The foodie-revolution is coming
Thank you ❤️ to all the wonderful fine #chef #homechef #homecooks , #culinaryart pros an’ good ole #
Indi’n Corn
German Stolen &🌲 Fröhliche Weihnachten!
Howdy, I hope Friday maker paster mean o
Howdy, I found myself reflecting on der
Ain’t no diamond iner rough, she’s a rea
Perfecto night out
Howdy to these wonderful fine green toma
‘Cause I were layin there iner ICU, bare
Howdy, plenty of thank yers goes out to
Howdy, this’r feller says to me, Chef, y
New Years, I partied witrh fellers, who
I’m aimin to say yer so much again fer a
Butter howdy ain’t it nice to haver happ
  When you have a client that’r wants th
Howdy, I canner alway tell when fall is
Fergot to post this’r one up; oner der l
It’s ‘round 15 degrees, outside; the snowstorm is here
My little #twingirls in their official Chefmoreyeats #chefcoats
An oh-so-marvelous #frenched roast #rackoflamb so tender that the #meatfallsoffthebone without any e
#santa has been good to me this year
Fröhliche Weihnachten #zweitefeiertag oder Zweite Weihnachtsferien #zweiterweihnachtsfeiertag Or Hap
Just a few months ago I took this photo of one of my daughters in her first #dirndl ; and I meant to
Well I’m a little ahead of myself this a week but bein’ so that I can hear the #holidayseason a holl
I were challenged by der good fellers an
I got 3lb #pork and 1 #dinnerplate so lemme bend yer ear. An I had this lookr of a gal
A freshly roasted and #frenched rack of #pork in my new #mauviel #mauviel1830 #roasting #pan
Poached Anjou pear in a basket of hand formed chocolate leaves, with seasonal fruits; raspberry coul
Howdy, sometimes it’s just jackets with
Hand butchered grass-fed filet mignon. At the end of the day, we are what we eat
#blackberrycobbler of late season, local, #organic blackberries
at the c1948 hand built German Brau Haus. Some of the best German food, atmosphere and beer Ive had
Blackberry pickin'...
Old school, hand-sawn Porterhouse. So tender, it’s already falling off the bone and it ain’t even be
Ich habe ein Bier für mich
Butter howdy when I got back to my work,
Howdy, so what were in that box I got at


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